University at Buffalo

M.S. in Materials Design and Innovation

Program Description

The Materials Design and Innovation MS program aims to equip individuals with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in both materials science and data science. By fostering an interdisciplinary approach, students gain a holistic perspective and acquire essential skills and tools to comprehend and apply computational techniques for modeling, simulation, and informatics. In parallel, the program emphasizes experimental-driven science to ensure students possess the capability to contribute to and expedite the progress of materials discovery and engineering design.

Focus Areas

  • Materials design and informatics
  • Quant structure-property relationship in materials
  • Thermodynamics and molecular structure of materials
  • Multivariate statistics and materials informatics
  • Computational materials chemistry and physics
  • Kinetics, microstructure, and defects
  • Quantitative methods in materials characterization
  • Experimental design for materials development

Potential Career Opportunities

  • R & D scientist
  • Materials engineer
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Product development engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Materials analyst
  • Application engineer
  • Project manager
  • Technical consultant
  • Environmental compliance specialist

Target audience


Program Format


Educational Level Prerequisites

Bachelor’s Degree

Program Type

Degree Program

Expected Outcomes