University at Albany

M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Program Description

The MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program at the University at Albany is designed to educate the next generation of professionals and innovators. The master’s program provides a high degree of specialization in one of three technical concentration areas: signal processing and communications, electronic circuits and systems, and control and computing systems. UAlbany ECE students may choose to study full-time or part-time; and can select either a thesis option that includes a multiple-semester research experience or a non-thesis option with a one-semester project or project course. No matter the path taken, earning an MS in ECE is a stepping stone to career advancement or further study.

Focus Areas

  • Design, development, testing, and evaluation of hardware and software components
  • Integrated systems and networks
  • Computing systems and components
  • Electronic circuits and systems
  • Control and computer systems

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Control systems engineer
  • Digital signal processing engineer
  • Power systems engineer
  • Network engineer
  • R & D engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Project manager
  • Consultant
  • Academic/researcher

Target audience


Program Format


Educational Level Prerequisites

Bachleor’s Degree

Program Type

Degree Program

Expected Outcomes