Stony Brook University

B.A. in Sustainable Studies 

Program Description

The Sustainability Studies major will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to understand and address the environment, social, political, economic, and ethical issues related to sustainability. You’ll also learn about viable economic activities that are ecologically sound and socially just. “Green” jobs are in high demand in today’s job market. For instance, government funding for retrofitting buildings, reconfiguring mass transit, and restoring wildlife preserves reach new highs every year. Similarly, many companies and non-profit organizations have begun creating initiatives to develop environmentally friendly products and develop new green business practices. Because many companies, organizations, and government groups are going “green,” there is an increased need for skilled analysts, consultants, educators, advocates, planners, and policy makers.

Focus Areas

  • Ecology
  • Human Population
  • Economic
  • Environment
  • Policy & Society
  • Demographic Change and Sustainability
  • Environmental Treaties and Protocols
  • Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Population Studies.

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Sustainability Director
  • Environmental Manager
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Research Data Analyst

Target audience


Program Format


Educational Level Prerequisites

High School diploma

Program Type

Degree Program

Expected Outcomes