M.S., M.P.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Program Description

The Climate and Energy Studies program offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum, integrating insights from climate science, social dimensions, ecology, engineering, policy analysis, and renewable energy. Through transdisciplinary collaboration, students explore the complexities of climate change and energy use, preparing them to engage with real-world challenges and opportunities. Faculty comprises a diverse group of experts committed to addressing climate change and energy issues from multiple perspectives. With backgrounds in climate science, engineering, policy analysis, and renewable energy, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on research projects, internships, and fieldwork, collaborating with faculty and practitioners to address real-world climate and energy challenges. Field trips, workshops, and guest lectures enrich the learning experience and provide practical insights into climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Focus Areas

  • Atmospheric Science
  • Biomass and Bioenergy
  • Carbon Storage and Cycles
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Justice
  • Planning and Policy
  • Life Cycle and Geospatial Analyses
  • Renewable Energy and Storage
  • Sustainable Materials and Waste Management
  • Technoeconomic Analysis
  • Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Renewable Energy Specialist
  • Climate Policy Analyst
  • Energy Efficiency Consultant
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Climate Change Researcher
  • Sustainability Manager
  • Urban Planner specializing in Climate Resilience
  • Environmental Policy Analyst
  • Energy Market Analyst
  • Community Engagement Specialist
  • Environmental Educator
  • Carbon Management Consultant
  • Climate Resilience Planner
  • Green Building Consultant
  • Environmental Justice Advocate

Program Format


Educational Level Prerequisites

Bachelor’s Degree

Program Type

Degree Program

Expected Outcomes