Alfred State College

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology

Program Description

The electrical engineering technology BS program provide the skills and occupational competence necessary for entry into the field as an applied engineer who works with and is responsible for all the electronic equipment in the field. Thus, in addition to a firm foundation in electrical circuit concepts, the program provides a robust laboratory experience.

This program will prepare you by emphasizing basic knowledge and skills during the first year of the program. Studies include fundamental DC and AC circuit analysis and digital circuit logic to develop skills in use of electronic test equipment and in use of tools and printed circuit fabrication equipment. Laboratory experiments supplement classroom instruction and problem solving. Computer problem solving and simulation aid in course instruction.

The second year of the program continues the study of fundamental electronic circuits. The areas of study include microcontroller circuitry and programming, electronic communication circuits and systems, and IC circuit fabrication on silicon wafers.

Focus Areas

  • Focuses on circuit theory
  • Electronics theory
  • Digital logic
  • Electronic fabrication
  • Instrumentation
  • Applied chemical principles
  • Feedback control systems

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Electrical or electronics technician
  • Electrical or electronics technologist
    Communications technician/technologist
  • Computer technician/technologist
  • Semiconductor manufacturing technician/technologist
  • Electrical power technician/technologist

Program Format


Educational Level Prerequisites

High School diploma

Expected Outcomes